How to Make Bible Reading a Habit

I took an informal survey recently, asking people a series of questions about their faith.  What boggled me was how many people identified as Christians and spent very little, if any, time actually doing any bible reading. We are really without excuse here in the western world.  There are so many resources and tools to allow us to read the words of God.  I wanted to share a few tools to help you stay in the word, and make being exposed to the scriptures a (hopefully, daily) habit.

The “John” reading plan

So this one is kind of weird, but where is one place we all spend some time everyday? The bathroom. So, with this plan, what you do is leave a bible in the bathroom with a bookmark in it. Whenever you have to go in the restroom (think #2…I know…not a pleasant thing to think about), this will give a you a few minutes to do your bible reading. Just leave bookmark in it and pick up where you left off from.

Email Your Reading to Yourself

There are a number of websites with bible reading plans that will email the day’s reading to you so that you can read it. With all of our devices, you can read this pretty much anywhere, and since it comes as an email, it’s like an automatic reminder that you need to read the bible that day.  You can do this with Bible Gateway and Bible Study Tools just to name a couple.

No Bible, No Breakfast

Tony Miano and Ray Comfort are big proponents of this plan. They will not allow themselves to have breakfast until the finish their bible reading.  An empty stomach is a great motivator to take in the bread of life.  Might be worth a try if you have the disciple to do this.

Listen to your reading

If you’re an auditory learner like me, LISTENING to your bible reading might actually be a better way to go. There is a daily podcast from Daily Audio Bible that delivers a daily reading from various chapters of the bible along with prayer requests and words of encouragement.  Here is the iTunes link.

Read with a partner

Maybe it’s just a matter of accountability that would help you with your bible reading.  Find a partner, a parent, sibling or friend and read aloud with them.  You don’t even have to live with them, just read over the phone or do it via Skype.

What tools do you use to help you read the Bible regularly?