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Don't stress when having to buy those special holiday gifts. Seventeen has you covered with some of the best gift ideas of the year.

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Need to repost to let people know about Melody Olsen from heritage mall. A 61 year old woman claiming to be 51 years old on the dating site ZOOKS.Lying to men in there 40"s.were is her integrity if she is working with the kids club.

Conservatives are worried about American teens, they should stop adult man from dating 14-year-old girls

You slept with him while you were with me and felt nothing. Then you slept with me while you"re with him and felt guilty? You"ve been dating him for a month. You dated me for a year. Do i really mean that little to you?

Said I was gon take this year off from dating and boy has God held me to that. Every attempt thereafter has failed. Be careful what you pray about and make sure u really mean it.

The words aren"t stop them from dating 14 year olds , it"s stop conservatives from RAPING 14 year olds

Today marks 1 official year of dating my best friend I’m so thankful to have had you in my life since the 7th grade, I’m so glad we’ve gotten to grow so much together I cannot wait to spend forever with you I love you babe – bij

This was April 19 of this year and we weren’t dating at the time, but he would make everyday seem like we were since the first day we met back in January. So thankful for my goofy goober, i loveeee youuu

Last night ended a streak of 12 straight games where Olivier Vernon played but did not have a 1v1 victory over a blocker resulting in a sack. Dating back to Week 13 of last year.

Angela"s dating advice on snapchat had me howling lol. My dad is turning 42 next month. His girlfriend just turned 23 in August 18 year difference

It’s gone, I finally see the face of the guy I’ve been dating almost a year