Topics: What are some cute/fun activities/date ideas? (10 points for best answer)?

If you think you just  might at any point this summer need something to break up the routine, then this post is for you.  If you know us, you know that Kate and I are not about complicated labor intensive structured kid activities.  But we do really love quick and easy stuff that just might lend you a few extra minutes to sit and drink a dirty diet Coke while your kids engage in something other than otter pops consumption.  Here’s 10 of our very favorites!

Giant Bubbles :  We have been doing these non-stop at our house lately (and not just the kids!)  We make a big bucket of bubbles almost every time we have friends over.   Check out this post for the magic recipe.   It’s worth getting the weird ingredient on Amazon and that bottle will seriously last you forever!

Short Cut Tie Dye :  Last summer I made the mistake of trying real tie dying and I quickly realized that tie dying as a kid is much different than tie dying as the parental supervisor.   This short-cut version is the lazy mom’s tie-die (or maybe the brilliant mom’s?)  Grab some old t-shirts, some rubber gloves, and head out to the lawn.

If y’all got any ideas let a nigga know