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I’d moved to a new area and hoped that there would be some bondage activities to be found. On the surface there didn’t seem to be much hope, it was a mid-sized, midwest city that seemed pretty conservative and low key. Time would soon show how deceptive that first impression was.

I’d come up with a few ways of advertising my bondage feelings without being too overt. I kept a handcuff key hanging on a small pair of handcuffs from my car mirror, and sometimes wore a cap that said, “Practice Safe Sex, Use Strong Rope.” When I wasn’t wearing the cap, I usually kept it on the seat of my car.

I was coming out of J.C. Penny’s one day and there was a woman standing near my car looking in. She was a little taller than usual and had long dark hair. She was wearing a dark blue blouse and dark denims. As I walked up, I got a impression of strength, she reminded me of a bodybuilder. She asked, “Interesting cap, where did you get it?”

Why all the suggestions to trade Garofolo ? Brady wants to play 10 more years but the odds are against him doing so. He becomes more injury prone game-by-game. Neither Mallet or Ryan are adequate to replace him. Keep Garofolo; give him some playing time to learn and keep him happy. In Bill we believe; he knows what he is doing.

Do you usually fulfill the minimum requirements or do your best? Putting the maximum effort in things that matter is a habit that brings amazing results. Do your best instead of bare minimum Lots of things in life you can just pass. You don’t need to score the highest marks on your driving test; you…

Ведение дневника постепенно отходит в прошлое в том формате, в котором его изобрели. По сути, дневник – это личные датированные записи о событиях жизни, предназначенные для систематизации приобретённого опыта автора. Сейчас уже никто не будет писать дневник, чтобы систематизировать всё, что знает, умеет, увидел или пережил. Но есть одна способность человека, которая может возобновить ведение…

Episode 10 - watching Bring It On, Ghost

The one thing we like more than building our own PCs is doing so for  very little cash. Now’s the best time for that: Black Friday deals often include amazingly low prices on components, fantastic combo and bundle deals, and extras like a copy of a video game. Last year, I decided to see just how low you could go using Black Friday deals. I came up with  three budget gaming builds , all based around a Micro Center combo deal on AMD’s FX-8350 and a compatible AM3+ motherboard. The cheapest of them was $350, inclusive of the Windows license. To read this article in full, please click here

Those guys went into hostile territory and played their guts out to bring the back to Oxford!!

Yeah, when you say nothing, what exactly do you mean?

Nothing as in, you know, nothing?

Or nothing as in OMG-the-screen-is-frozen?

99% of the time, I find these problems can be solved by a simple reboot. On mine, I would accomplish this by toggling the hold switch off and on, then holding down the middle button and the menu button for a number of seconds until the iPod reboots itself.

I'll give that a go. I guess control panel is too scary for left click? / gasp we still have a right click menu? yuck

Justice League 7/10 In the latest outing of DC superheroes series Batman recruit helps from other superheroes to bring Superman back to life and save the world from new threat of extinction.

Well why not? I did contact uktv gold,coz they run loadsa old tv shows,they did reply I think they said they have no rights to it,or sumot like that. You get a brownie point if you can remember what bike Rocky rode! Jim Diamond did the theme tune btw!

My $10, 000 challenge to any personal hygiene company: bring on your mightiest deodorant. My underarms will defeat it.

Bring Home the crown!!! PLs guys follow me on twitter i need 10 followers so my vote will be counted.ThanksMuch!

he showed in the preseason that hes still got a little juice. every team needs a running back whos willing to sacrifice his body and lay it all out for a few 3 and 4 yards carries. and then when somebody goes down that dude needs to step up and take 10+ carries. thats what 30+ year old spiller can be worth now.

We are a new fetish profile and community site hoping to rebuild the sense of community that has fallen by the wayside in the days of the depersonalized Internet.

Our site will let you build a profile for yourself, posting photos and videos, communicate with other members through messages, live text and video chats and participate in forums and community events. We hope to stitch back the close-knit social comradely that the kink community has seemingly lost.

We were duped and failed to call for help to bring about true reforms. Isn’t it ironic the same people were saying FU SADC, AU UN we will do it the Zimbo way.

German 4.10 on Win8 8/Server 2012 or 4.20 on Windows 10..
And you are right, the option is there.
I was searching it over and over again, but now I found it once I knew in which tab I have to search and how the option is phrased.
IMHO this option should be moved to "basic settings", maybe rephrased.