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The trousers are covered in wax drops from a candle carried by their original owner to light the mine but are generally in “excellent condition”, the seller claims.

The colour has partially faded on the seat and on the front of the legs, causing them to resemble to fashionable “worn” look of many modern jeans.

They were found next to a paper bag bearing the name of a local shop frequented by miners which stopped trading in 1898, the seller claims.

Any tips on how to avoid the white flash of the default app theme in dark mode or the other way around when loading the app for 0? The app theme is always loaded via Manifest before any light/dark settings are checked, right? I really don"t want to add a neutral splash screen

Omg I was controlled by the cops yesterday, I had more than enough weed on me to get taken to the station with them. They pulled up on me and made me empty my pockets ( I had my weed in my underwear ). So they found tobacco, longpapes, tips and a lighter