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And now I"m feeling a little self-conscious about the two string cheeses I ate for dinner. Adulthood sometimes means eating like a 6yo.

I just got modded on grand theft auto 5 for ps3 I was rank 48 and now I"m rank 1 my name is CRAZY-VATO_6954 please help


I made something of myself and now you wanna come back?

Well it"s official, I"m now a mammaw to the prettiest babygirl in the world.I proudly present to you.Princess Kinsley 7p.12oz.21 in

Help me out I got modded on gta5 I was rank 48 now I"m 1 please rank me back up my name is CRAZY-VATO_6954 FOR PLAYSTATION 3

I don"t have the energy today, look I get it you have a mental illness; but you can still take direction now bye

Listening to lil pump right now he"s my fav, molly

Hodowla Volturnus Akita Amerykańska American Akita Kennel Reproduktor Szczenieta Szczeniaki rodowodowe. Breeder. Puppies for sale. Stud dog.

Re: the rich stealing: That should be apparent to you by now. It"s happening right in front of your face by this administration!!!!

Police Just Unearthed Horrifying Deadly Discovery Muslims Had Hidden Underground For Miles - Duur: 4:57.

A 30-plus-year-old record fell on Saturday as water levels on the Des Plaines River, already in major flood stage following torrential rains early in the week, continued to creep toward its anticipated crest. As of 4:30 p.m., the Des Plaines was reported to be at 12.03 feet at Gurnee, topping the.

I"m super happy with my life right now.

South Carolina police said they were called to the home of a woman who was found fatally shot with her children the day before her death.