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1Black Man Is Killed Every 28 Hours by Police or Vigilantes: America Is Perpetually at War with Its Own People

Did I rly just pass by an aprox. 55 year old professor shredding his way up campus on a Santa Cruz?? San Diego is wild man

My 10 year old asked if we could stop by a shop to get a few things as he felt like cooking for us. for this human. Best surprises.

1870: 69 year-old Louisa Ann of Laramie, becomes the first woman in the United States to legally vote.

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Well. I"m getting sick. So excuse me while I turn into a pitiful 6 year old who just wants to be cuddled.

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5 Chilling true crime stories that actually happened in South Korea We dare you to read these chilling true crime stories that actually happened in South Korea. Plus, find out which K-dramas are based on these real-life crimes. Related Tags for this article

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Watch to find out what matters to 19-year-old Jack.