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2AM ( Korean : 투에이엠 ) was a South Korean boy group, that consisted of Jo Kwon , Lee Changmin , Lim Seulong and Jeong Jinwoon. It was one of the two subgroups split from the eleven-member boy band One Day, the other being 2PM. They officially debuted on July 11, 2008, [2] on KBS's Music Bank , performing the song "This Song". They won their first Mutizen at Inkigayo on February 7, 2010, with " Can't Let You Go Even If I Die ". [2]

Along with the members of 2PM , 2AM's Seulong, Jokwon, Jinwoon appeared on the documentary Hot Blood that was aired on Mnet, documented their rigorous training program on their pre-debut days. Changmin was not in the documentary because he had not joined JYPE. Initially, Jinwoon was eliminated on Hot Blood, but he ended up in 2AM due to Daehun's withdrawal from JYPE. [3]

2AM's first single, "이 노래 (This Song)", was released on July 21, 2008. [4] It was followed a year later by "Time For Confession", on March 19, 2009, with "친구의 고백 (Confession of a Friend)". [5] In January 2010 the band released the EP, "죽어도 못 보내" with "죽어도 못 보내 ( Even If I Die I Can't Let You Go )" as the lead track. The EP featured four additional songs, three from their first and second singles and one new song titled "잘못했어 ( I Was Wrong )", which was their promoted track. [6]

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