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Breathing: breath in and out of your stomach. An opera singer, stage actor/actress or yogi experiences the benefit of breathing from this.

And Camilleri himself, what a character. Love his chain smoking interview with a young actress, such energy for an old guy. The man, the place, the actors, the food, the whole thing--magic.

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I"m so sad because Stela Popescu died, but just when I remember her name, I cannot help myself smiling. Such an amazing actress, full of energy and a huge talent, loving life and theater with passion. The good mood of others was her job. RIP Stela. You"ll bring joy there too.

Sometimes I forget Code Blue wasn"t the first Gakky project I watched it was Koizora too, but maybe coz tragic romance doesn"t really leave that much of an impact on me, so I just saw her as a pretty actress. Yes I agree her charm is her positive energy onscreen

Wow that energy loved it

, , , again,., who is this Olivia D"Abo,., sexualising AND energy , , , bee imagery,., is she a Charmed actress,., or known to,., Mi shoes X, , , what? , , , energy somewhere. Did Bree say she was Mi cousin? Cressida ifom, , , not a name u see oft, , ,

Training 6 days in a row trying to burn all the excess of energy XD I’m way too hyper this week

Cutting out meat and dairy is one of the best decisions I"ve ever made. So much happier, healthier and full of energy. Plus it"s cruelty free. Sticking to it this time.