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I have been in similar situations myself and I KNOW how hard it is to keep busy after a break up. It’s true that you have to deal with the sadness and not deny it or push it aside. However, that doesn’t mean you can or should let yourself wallow in it. I realized that if my mind was not occupied (with things that didn’t include my ex!), it got busy pulling me further down the depths of despair!

Given below are a few things I tried to keep myself busy with, after my recent break up. Hope you will benefit from them too.

1. Host a movie marathon. Don’t forget popcorn!
2. Watch a whole TV series on DVD
3. Play Nintendo wii, Xbox Live or some kind of online game.
4. Crank up some music and dance!
5. Find silly videos on Youtube
6. Sing karaoke (sing even if you can’t!)

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PBS Hawaii - LONG STORY SHORT WITH LESLIE WILCOX - Pat Saiki - Part 2 - Duur: 27:21.

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Officials said a U.S. military plane crashed Monday afternoon in a soybean field in rural Mississippi, killing at least 16 people. "Most of them are gonna be Marines," Leflore County EMA Director Frank Randle said. Marine Corps spokeswoman Lt. Kristine Rascicot confirmed the plane that crashed was a USMC KC-130, a refueling plane. Officials have not said where the plane originated or where it was headed, and Randle was unable to confirm if any civilians were onboard. Greenwood Fire Chief Marcus Bank told the Greenwood Commonwealth the debris field was roughly five miles in radius.

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