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I finally made a cosplay sex video for my site. I feel this was way too long in coming. But I hope it’s worth the wait. My awesome pornstar friend, Gina Gerson, was at my place drinking tea and giving us some gifts from her holiday. We were talking about cosplay and decided to try on my Chun-Li cosplay.

Gina looked super-cute as Chun-Li. And after lots of goofing around, well, it’s always been Tommie’s fantasy to have sex with Chun-Li so one thing lead to another. Luckily I was able to get my camera to them before she took the outfit off completely.

Would you like to see more cosplay sex-tapes? Who would you like to see and who should they cosplay? Vote in the comments and if something is requested a lot, I will try to make it happen.

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If I wasn"t engaged already I"d totally say lets get a drink and go see a movie. If you do find a date though I"m down for double dating.

Showtime’s reality dumpster blaze, “Polyamory: Married and Dating” is just about the best garbage to binge, and perfect for 30-something Angelenos. I’m LEGITIMATELY upset there are only two seasons of it.

Dating in 2017 sucks! Cheers to the new year maybe finding a guy who isn"t indecisive! Guys, if you"re not interested, grow some balls and say so!

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I DON"T KNOW!! Ppl thought and I were dating which was pretty hilarious but no, she"s more like a sister to me

They just gone have to get with the program cause just because I"m dating your daughter doesn"t mean shit to me bout going to They church when I barely go to my own

Ban bathroom selfies! I mean do these guys not have friends to take their pic? Oh and somehow only show guys in your desired age range. If I wanted to find a friend for my step dad, I wouldn’t use a dating app ( aka men 50+ )