Topics: acceptable age gap in UK?

When is an acceptable age to start dating? How do I know if I'm ready to start dating?

Ran a fantastic race. Faced the breeze. Sizeable gap to 3rd. Clearly Lifesaver"s back in super order.

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What do you plan to use for maps and other imagery? That seems to be the biggest ( current ) gap in its coverage.

Noope i wasn"t indeed. I almost don"t have any gap in my schedule, but i think as long as i"m enjoying my job it wouldn"t be big problem-

Lawddd! So it"s a gap in your waist?

I"m not in favor of income inequality. But the GOP opposes anything that threatens to narrow the gap between middle class super-wealthy.

It"s 2017, nearing 2018, why do these people have it in their heads that they"re superior? I just don"t understand humanity"s cruelness

I love how you emphasized that traditionally with the mathematics gap / but also much more so in his social interactions

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