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Threesome - How To Make A Threesome Happen - Duur: 5:06.

Threesome - How To Make A Threesome Happen - Duur: 5:06.

Threesome - How To Enjoy A Hot Threesome - Duur: 5:07.

Respect? Disrespectful of legitimacy of first African American president avoiding being draft to army. U stuck ur nose to flag

UMD student white supremacist caught spray painting a swastika on campus was AFRICAN AMERICAN!

Ok lets bring up some African and Cuban and South American History and lets see who really won the pecking order on who made people slaves

Dude 70% of the NFL is African-American. Good luck winning a game.

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I"ve not seen anyone from the African American community downplaying the huge amount of Black on Black murder. That"s a multi- faceted issue

Looking for anyone related to Elizabeth Folks, married Benjamin Sharp Nelson, one daughter was Sally Anne, married Ormeus D.Hill, 1867, lived in North One Hundred, De/,Md. On farm. I am Sheila W. Hill Lomax, living Townsend,De.

Black is a race. African American is an ethnic group. Do better sis

So lovely!!! ( no one has any canonical appearances other than Frank who has African American ancestry. The rest is up to your imagination! )

Why u can"t be of African descent and of Native American descent? And of European descent and whatever else?

Claws actress Niecy Nash recently made an appearance on Netflix’s Chelsea Handler show, where she explained why her success, and the success of other black actresses, doesn’t mean the conversation about Hollywood’s diversity issue is over. Nash discussed how far Hollywood has come since the days of mostly “one-note” black female characters. “There was a point […]