Topics: Comments on: 21 and 16 year olds dating, is it okay?

John Wayne "Women And Change" - Duur: 2:46.

John Wayne "Women And Change" - Duur: 2:46.

God the age difference is tooo much

Pigppa Makes Makeup To Go On A Date With A Pedro - Piggy Peppa Cartoon For Children - Duur: 3:07.

It doesn"t look 22 years of age difference

I"m really into the whole age/size difference thing.

Remember kids, what works at game/age level C may not at level D. Another set of eyes that understands​ this can be difference maker.

The only difference between Kodak"s music and a 10 month baby who doesn"t know how to speak is their age.Don"t call that shit hip-hop.

It makes me wonder abt the shippers who ship age difference ships tho *~* wuhhhhhh

There"s near enough 7 years difference between the 2, it"d be absolute madness to sign him considering age, wages etc?

Don"t remember ever calling anyone fast.Just said the age difference is weird period.Either way both sides are at fault, teach you daughters