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Kiedy prowadzi nas energia miłości,dbamy o nasze ciało z szacunkiem i świadomością najcenniejszej przestrzeni, w której żyjemy teraz.

Waking up to what we ve always felt possible!
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NEW MOON in Saggitarius: pure energy and power to focus our intent forward.
Gail force winds, temperature 8C.
Dragon Island, Gravia, Kerkyra
I give because I want to. I give what I most need to see in the world. I give myself the room to outgrow the family patterns of greed, fear and insecurity. I give in honor of all those in my lineage that couldn’t give. That can’t give. That won’t give. I use my life as a conduit of generosity no matter what I come from. No matter what I have been taught.
Inspiration from Chani Nicholas

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Описание Отеля: Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel (Гувия) Вы заслужили отдых, а мы – доверие всего мира