Topics: How do normal people start associating with celebs?

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Good morning to you and your brother

what is the best dating site for free series

I could literally say I don"t like Arzaylea and a bunch of her stans would come me when all I did was state MY personal opinion

It was a picture AU of Arzaylea if she was pregnant and I legit had over 100 people in my mentions lol

LOL bella thorne looks better with bears hat on i ship bear and bella not arzaylea shes doing fine in her lane honey

Her legs look photoshopped and her chest looks contoured when we know she has small Hobbs. Not being rude just being honest with what I can

Peace and Love baby not religion just humans

I relate to this so hard I can"t wait to go to college and have my own beliefs. My parents can"t make me go to church then.