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This adaptive online test for Aspergers has been designed as per the guidelines set by the Autism Research Institute. Though this quiz can perform an accurate preliminary screening of Asperger's in toddlers, children and adults, it should NEVER be considered as a conclusive diagnosis. For a formal Aspie screening, please consult your local health practitioner.

Communication skills form a very important part of the Asperger’s Assessment. This section will evaluate your communication level in social settings.

Just like IQ measures your intelligence levels, EQ (or empathy quotient) is a measurement of your emotional feelings/responses to a set of life events. People with Asperger’s tend to feel very strongly about certain aspects, while may not care much about some other events that deeply impacts most people.

Look genuinely I have aspergers and sometimes I have trouble communicating something so if I didn"t do a good job there please say and I"ll try again.

And if people are deliberately trying to change their font after someone with Aspergers begs them not to, well that says much about understanding and acceptance

I took me ages to be diagnosed with aspergers aswell even my school didn’t pick on it and I didn’t have friends at school xx

Half way through and it’s epic. Visually stunning. I know lots of children with autism and Aspergers who would love this. It’s like a fairytale world.

One topic dominated Liveline today: the resignation of Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald. We heard from both supporters and detractors.

dating someone with a disabled child

I watched an old episode of Burke"s Backyard and he had great eye contact, though he claims that due to his Asperger"s condition he has difficulty with this.

I’m from near Derby and it’s horrendous. Shops closing everywhere, families going to food banks and it’s taking me 4 years to be assessed for Aspergers!

Well after an evening of biology, I have made some progress. So now I am going to relax and enjoy my hot milk and honey.