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What a sunspot show it was. The huge group, AR 2673, visible with the naked eye, produced an X9.3 flare on September 6th, the most powerful recorded since 2005.

I"m so done with strangers coming up to me and asking where I"m from. Who in the world told you that"s okay? You don"t even know my name ffs

He takes me in his arms, and then I wake up. Yes, it’s only in my dreams. –Aurora ( Sleeping Beauty )

I can"t stop tearing up!

How the fuck do these situations always happen to you and its always these random ass moments that end up in my feed Lawd rip jj good luck

Had the most serene moment on the bus high up in the mountains today, was so sure that"s how humans are supposed to feel.

Aurora: *she smiles up towards you*

Its 4:34 in the damn morning and im up watching videos of aurora crying mom tears

Shut up you"re buzzed

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