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Being an overgrown child is not sexy. Here are some dating habits to break by the time you turn 30, gathered from our wise staff.

Instead of repeating old toxic habits, I say to myself, I am creating spaceflt a new more fulfilling love

The dating habits of True Neutral Normies are buck fucking wild to me. Coworker keeps referring to his little woman or lady friend wtf?

I"ve been meaning to say this for a while, but Kobushi"s group culture might be influenced by the fact they were all together in H!P Kenshuusei, where the dating ban doesn"t apply. They all transitioned from KSS to a debuted group and kept the same habits.

I want to make sure I"m not dating anybody for selfish reasons. But at the same time I need to break out of bad habits. It"s a paradox.

Wait till he figures out your dating habits

Habits and attitudes established during the dating years generally carry over into marriage.

Yeah. It"s filled with bad habits. Like I now know why my sister"s dating life is fucked