Topics: How do I date best use facebook or any facebook app or whats best way of all?

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The best thing about dating a woman is that I can complain about men in a general sense without having to follow it with 20 minutes of ego calming

So my gay friend is now dating my gay best friend"s ex and both my friends were friends, so now is awkward af

So Roy Moore gets to softest interview in America and the best he can come up with is I don"t remember dating any girls less than half my age in my 30s.

If a woman is still calling/texting your man, it"s because he"s still replying. Best believe she"s not talking to herself.

If there is something sweeter in this world than dating your best friend, I have yet to find it

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The awkward moment when your high 5 gets rejected.

If ur not dating ur best friend then wyd