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In a small antique store, I have finally found a dispatcher s head-set! While I don t think it s older than the 1930s, it ll suffice for my dispatcher candle-stick. I can continue restoring it now that I have all the pieces. No markings on the single earphone outside of on and off.

Owner of the streets.

Mary Polly Loftin died in 1838 in Pickens County, Alabama. She was married to Gabriel Eddings/Eddins. She had 3 children, Paschal Clue Eddings, Martha and Mary. Paschal states on the 1900 census that his mother was born in South Carolina. I would like to know about her parents, birth place etc.

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AND just look at the price, $142.95.
We sold dozens of them at the time, they were so popular as the new technology. They held a large amount of kb photos.
How times move on, from 1999!