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The course yes, but not so much being here. Newcastle is awesome, just not easy making friends. Maybe an age thing.

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When people like Macron state overpopulation is an issue for Africans bc women have so many children there, it"s racist. The continent uses

This is the same Intercept that pushed the lie that Clinton was the same as Trump. They are an anti Clinton propaganda rag.

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Before Trump I never knew there were so many people who didn"t know conspiracy to commit a crime is an actual crime.

If a student researches writes a 25pg paper, is she relieved of ACADEMIC responsibilities if an advisor registered her for the class?

Why is he always involved in the shady stuff? ARIZONA - people come on wake up!! Put an honorable Republican on the ballot!!

And i owe a massive thank you to for Helium because my life is like an Aeroscraft and thanks for following me XR/QR/QXR ( )

Daario is an underrated comedy character. His unnecessary comments are gold.

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You appear to have an excess amount of time to spew idiocy on social media though. Btw, how hard is it to tweet with such tiny hands?