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Trump faces record-low job approval in new CNN Polling; CNN Polling: Only 24% strongly approve of Trump; CNN Polling: 30% admire President Trump; Earning distrust, one tweet at a time; Trump launches vacation tweet-storm; CNN Polling: Only 24% trust most of what they hear from White House; North Korea: U.S. will pay dearly for UN sanctions

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  We meet an employee of a large hotel in the coastal city of Sousse, Tunisia, where an Islamist attack killed 38 foreign tourists in 2015. For both hotel staff and tourists, the atmosphere is tense: will the country one day be able to recover from these attacks?

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Did you hear about the kindergartner who “accidentally” ordered an expensive dollhouse with a voice command? We’ll show you how to lock down your smart speaker so that never happens to you.

27389 - Nike Court Woven Warm Up white/black костюмТеннисный костюм Nike Court Woven Warm Up, будет удобен для тренировок.

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Hi guys, I have graded this pattern as beginner friendly. The hardest technique used is joining in the round. The cowl uses two skeins of fingering weight yarn. not far of 50g each, give or take. I don’t mind what fibre you use. I would like weekly updates. The deadline for the test knit to be finished is September 10th. If you are interested please pop on over to my thread. You can find this at Thank you ! IMG_20170801_122057.jpg

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