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The movement to obtain civil marriage rights and benefits for same-sex couples in the United States began in the 1970s. In the 1971 case Baker v.

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Thanks for the information, I'll start with the Kennebec Historical Society. Where did you find that Maine Archive info?


Numerical methods for solving problems arising in heat and mass transfer, fluid mechanics, chemical reaction engineering, and molecular simulation. Topics: Numerical linear algebra, solution of nonlinear algebraic equations and ordinary differential equations, solution of partial differential equations (e.g. Navier-Stokes), numerical methods in molecular simulation (dynamics, geometry optimization). All methods are presented within the context of chemical engineering problems. Familiarity with structured programming is assumed.

Vermont state police say a missing 16-year-old girl may be in New Hampshire with a man listed on the Vermont sex offender registry.

Scrutiny about the program first surfaced in a February I-Team report, which revealed hundreds of consumer complaints against a former prominent Mass Save contractor, Next Step Living.

The new Massachusetts state agency will oversee recreational and medical marijuana, including the licensing of retail pot shops.

I found a picture at a local (ct) goodwill of Ethel Cowan miller, died 1958, I believe born 1890. Would like family to get it back

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Why did we even have an election?