Topics: Do the eggs in your refrigerator have the expiration date stamped right on them?

The leading bowls innovator for over 200 years. Taylor Bowls remain a Scottish family business which was owned and run by the Taylor family for 196 years

Wonder if they"ll leave the date and time stamp on again this time?

Apparently that video is from 8 hours before the 21st local ( Iraq ) time and 16 hours before NY time, making the date stamp on the picture even more confusing.

Dude, the date stamp was last July. She didn"t make anything but a lie. Now, what kind of person does that? Not one you want in your Administration.

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Did you edit out the date/time stamp on that?

No worries! We"ll get these comments over to Destin Leadership too and include the time and date stamp from your initial post so they can ensure Jeysi knows how pleased you are. Thanks for taking the time to recognize him.

CONTROL THE PUCK! I once thought there wasn"t enough material for that shithockeydadssay account ( it"s always the dad ) , but if I date at location stamp it, repeats might be acceptable.

Again many darkskin people only stamp black love if it’s between two darkskin people. They too also give light skin people complexes by acting like they’re also aren’t black and can’t date black. So just to clarify I can’t date a darkskin man cause I want to trash darkskin love.

I wanna have a play date with him, and he could show off his nerdy stamp collection.

Stamp your tweets keep me up to date on games going on that I’m not watching