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Kurt Andersen and the film director Alexander Payne talk about art that's rooted in specific places. Payne is originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and has set three of his films there: Citizen Ruth, Election, and his latest, About Schmidt, which stars Jack Nicholson, opens this week.

I saw this! But they"re already sold out online

So is this only online?

My online shopping habit has increased exponentially because of fucking BuzzFeed

Every week, BuzzFeed’s Ahmed Ali Akbar gathers folks together to drink tea, tell stories, and talk about being Muslim in America.

I didn"t I was just making a joke while scrolling through buzzfeed quizzes she wasn"t even online man

I took this Mad Men quiz and I got Joan while my bf got Roger. I"ve never been happier with the result of a dumb online quiz.

I know we’ve been gone for a while, but we’re back, with a vengeance. First up: shit that bugs us. Shit that’s bugging us right now? NOT RESPONDING TO A TEXT. Last time I checked, EVERYBODY has a phone that texts now. It’s not like back in the early 00s, when, like, texting was a […]

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The extensive BuzzFeed News analysis shows just how deeply outrage and the revenue it generates are tied to divisive online discussions.

Worst You Ever Had is a Podcast. Every week Olive and Shelby invite our friends/colleagues/semi-strangers to tell their most embarrassing stories. And hopefully, by telling these stories we will turn humiliation into hilarity and take ownerships of our most mortifying moments.

Maybe not. But they could surely have prepared press release, put study online for others to check, instead of leaving it to Buzzfeed?

In Hot Tip's first REQUEST TOPIC Dele and Sel answer the question, How does one send a late night text and what is acceptable? From first time texting to giving it another go the team breaks down how to respectfully (and while keeping the sexy alive) initiate a late night call/meet up.