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Dimon said the cryptocurrency is 'worse than tulip bulbs,' a reference to one of the most famous market bubbles in history.

Man, look at "s body of work since that July 14 outing against the Mets. Impressive as hell.

A shooter opened fire at a high school in Washington state Wednesday, killing one person and injuring at least three others, authorities said.

If I believe I"m a dinosaur am I sane?

Приро́да — материальный мир Вселенной , в сущности — основной объект изучения естественных наук. В быту слово «природа» часто употребляется в значении естественная среда обитания (всё, что не создано человеком).

Эволюция Земли происходила посредством геологических и биологических процессов, которые оставили следы первоначальных условий. Поверхность планеты разделена на несколько непрерывно движущихся литосферных плит , которые приводят к периодическому слиянию и разъединению континентов. Внутренняя часть Земли состоит из толстого слоя расплавленной мантии и железного ядра , генерирующего магнитное поле.

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It is 14 years since I last collected any geophysical data - you"re in charge!

Yeah, i disagree, you talk about rocket splash, but what actually will happen is you running around with mg/hmg spamming bullets blindly hoping to hit the already near to death nyx who just evaded you. You're not thinking this through. Nyx while i don't care if they make that change, is already squishy enough so theres no point to weakne her even further.

Yeah you"re not a dinosaur, you"re a rat

David Clementi says politicians and social media organisations need to do more to stop ‘explicit and aggressive’ behaviourPoliticians and social media companies must clamp down on the increasingly “explicit and aggressive” abuse suffered by BBC journalists, according to the chairman of the public broadcaster.
David Clementi said it was unacceptable for politicians to “stand by and watch” heckling at press conferences and said the corporation’s female journalists in particular were being targeted by abusers on and offline. Continue reading.

14-15 in a pub, no say it ain"t true high please

012039 - 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX 14 ABS ZX1400E - Used motorcycles for sale - Duur: 3:57.

England players and staff will be advised not to use public or hotel Wi-Fi at the 2018 World Cup in Russia over hacking fears.