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Produsage: BasicsProdusage: BlogProdusage: PresentationsThings have been quiet on this site as I’ve been busy with other work, related only loosely to the idea of produsage,  but I’m currently at a PhD symposium in Copenhagen where I’ve been invited to present an update on my work on produsage. Here, I’ve revisited the fundamental concept of produsage and made the link to my current work on the uses of social media, especially in a journalistic context. Slides and audio below: Produsage Revisited from Axel Bruns

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Produsage: Produsage: PresentationsAxel Bruns. "Produsage and Beyond: Exploring the Pro-Am Interface." Paper presented at Metropolia University, Helsinki, 28 Oct. 2010. Shorter version presented at the University of Göteborg, 20 Oct. 2010, and Vrije Universiteit Brussels, 3 Nov. 2010. Produsage and Beyond: Exploring the Pro-Am Interface View more webinars from Axel Bruns.

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