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A grandmother, who grew up during the Japanese occupation (1931-1941), says she has never had any dreams of her own. A mother, who was assigned a job as a saleswoman during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), wishes she had been a soldier. A daughter who is a post-80s only child, a ‘leftover woman’ (by Chinese standards) and a proud burlesque performer.

Three generations of Chinese women talk of childhood, marriage, work and dreams, describing how life has dramatically changed for Chinese women over the course of a century.

"I love being on stage, I love the spotlight. I dream about an international career as a performer."

Might stream off the the twitch app, and it might be aids, but it"s better then nothing I guess, what should I play, and who will join up?

Is this in re to some form of update on the app ?

Have you tried a noise app, like nature sounds? No social media an hour before bed. Melatonin? All very natural aids.

App is already AIDS with it

Uve got 280 characters now just tell the truth. With a bit of luck ull get a permanent ban from this aids ridden, shithole of an app

In the past week, Dr. Tanner has received papers on a ballet called The Nose, a Kanye West song, and a Broadway musical about AIDS. Seniors should not be allowed to take Music App.