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The Toronto real estate scene is nothing short of nuts, as prospective homebuyers with jobs and tens of thousands of dollars in the bank are still getting shut out the red-hot market.

Many buyers are pooling their financial resources to enter the market, and co-ownership is becoming increasingly popular.

Toronto realtor Lesli Gaynor, who has a background in social work, has launched GoCo, a service dedicated to helping people find homes they can afford in Toronto through co-ownership.

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After Jimmy Butler gave out his phone number and invited critics to contact him directly at his introductory press conference with the Minnesota Timberwolves on Thursday, fans flooded him with texts. Some were friendly, so much so that they added the All-Star to their group chats: Several fans asked the important questions: Some not-so-happy texters sent messages that were…peculiar: [Twitter, h/t For The Win]

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