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Windrose diagram of Canberra daily grass pollen counts versus maximum wind gust speed and direction ( using the r package “polarplot” ).

Speed Enforcement vans ( otherwise known as flash for cash ) , are the single biggest cause ( light rail works being second ) of all the traffic congestion in Canberra. Drivers are simply too shit scared to DO THE SIGNPOSTED SPEED, thus creating car parks in the traffic lanes.

Sounds like a good idea. Even better will be a high speed rail between Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra, as well as between Melbourne and Albury

First game. There is a gulf in quality down here in comparison to Sydney and Melb It might take some time to get up to speed. But I applaud Canberra’s inclusion. This program will grow. Could be the basis of an expansion discussion at a later date.

I have tried your technical assistance line so many times. Your download speed is around 4.5mbps which is pathetic service. I live in Canberra. And all I am told is we are sorry for the inconvenience. Poor customer service.

My mobile gets the signal fine; my Netgear mobile broadband no longer has any speed whatsoever same place

And the sped up "Go baby, go baby" song is super fun at that speed.

Now bring us up to speed on the constant curve balls in Canberra. We"ll also speak to in and in

Time for high speed rail, then people can still get to Canberra or Sydney when flights are cancelled.