Topics: Every time I try to open a Word Document from any website online it opens up but all the text looks like its?

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If I watched the bachelorette with the guy I"m currently dating, he"d begin end our next convo with the words red flags

Wise words by go to her for all your dating advice

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Got girls who talk about good grammar dating boys who would rather sound words out than google the correct spelling. Y"all funny

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+943 words. Oh jesus i never written a fake dating au.

The realest problem with dating in our generation is all we focus on is what people say, not what they do. Actions speak louder than words.

For people like me who love traveling, nice hotel rooms are basically the best. I love hanging out in a space where I'm not responsible for cleaning up, and getting away always helps me reset and unwind. I've been in my fair share of dumpy hotels, too, but for the most part, my experiences have been positive. If you want to see what can really go wrong, though, the internet is here to help. Travelers have taken to Reddit to post pictures of the strangest things they've ever seen in hotel rooms, and let me tell you, they are hilarious.

HIGH SCHOOL STORY - READY TO ROCK (Episode 48) - Duur: 17:51.

Haha! I read your words as metaphor, but am now glad i am not in the dating scene any longer!