Topics: he copied my dating profile?

Actual examples of women's good and bad online dating profiles.

Also ugh I can"t do Twitter formatting of reselecting each tweet to make a chain, and app has no copy paste ( ??? ) so sorry for formatting

Geez dude, copy and paste much?

Not gonna lie. I may have to copy your style and get that

Mexican man humiliated by a woman - Duur: 2:49.

Stop making violent rappers famous, they are gang bangers and their followers copy them

And this thread is a poster boy for that! All I have to do is copy my tweets repost back to them. Round and round.

Цены на Уро-ваксом, подробное описание и инструкция по применению. Заказать Уро-ваксом с.

Oh hey, I saw this at Essen last year and it looks really cute! I probably would"ve acquired a copy if I knew I had room in my luggage.

Reservoir Dogs. Saw it when I was 14, bought a copy that day, and watched it every day for months.