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I thank my stars that I am married for many years and don’t have to worry about this stuff but our son is dating and works in the corporate world and I worry for him

This dating arc has got me thinking bout ntr the whole time and I"m not liking it one bit

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I might be dating myself here, but when I was a kid I remember Thanksgiving was an actual holiday and nothing was open at all. Fuck you corporate America!

Totally don’t care if I meet no one and am completely ignored on my parody dating accounts

Don"t believe no man spreading rumors to you about a girl you dating.Take it as a reference and if it"s true, it"ll show for itself either then or later.

The age of consent in Alabama was 16 for dating whether u agree or not. The girls he dated even said he NEVER assaulted them. Make the distinction between that and sexual assault. Corporate media doesn"t want u to