Topics: Woman reveals that she's been on 77 dates in two years.

Kaplan: My first thought after a friend forwarded me an article about the dating spreadsheet kept by a New York man was, “My spreadsheet is much better!”

Yeah codes are sooo useful. I have an e-marking spreadsheet/mail merge system I use for MFL. I have some pre-marking resources I could send you which I have found have made an improvement too. If you send me your email, I could send them your way, no pressure : )

Members of families are listed individually in XTINMAIL SPREADSHEET because I often mail them independently.

My Christmas cards are addressed, gifts not just purchased but wrapped ready to mail. I have a spreadsheet with all the ingredients for my holiday baking. This is NOT NORMAL. I need help.

Spreadsheet Phil or “Eeyore” as practically no one has ever called him, should be “glum about Britain’s debt”. Debt that has spiralled due to failed austerity policies that, after a 7 year crusade in favour of them, the Mail is now apparently against