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•Jewish law permits divorce as an unfortunate necessity • Civil divorce does not dissolve a Jewish marriage • A man can divorce a woman for any reason or no.

Well yes, technically. Though if I were to offer you 50p for every time you heard someone reference a dry squib over a lifetime I would still die with change of a pound.

Less of a danger to the public than the Welsh assembly or the morons running ( ruining ) the Welsh NHS.

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When you people are doing up violence and vomiting on the floor cos of how damn drunk you are causing car accidents no one says a word, but when muslims just want a peaceful Friday morning prayer you guys are screaming terrorists danger? bye

From investigating the lucrative world of ticket scalping, to curriculum questions in homeschooling, to the secret negotiations behind why the deadly Auschwitz gas chambers were shut down. This is The Current with Piya Chattopadhyay.

LOL a baby lynx the size of a maine coon. Next up: the severe danger of sharkie cat riding a roomba! BE VERY AFRAID

I was told to balance my HP reading w/ biblical study. Today’s southern warned many children away from the “dangers” of now defend Trump+Moore, illustrating how far we’ve fallen. “No good and evil. Only power.” Who’s on the wrong side here? Not us. 2/2

75-year old German national who suffered a cardiac arrest on a cruise liner was airlifted by the Indian Coast Guard and brought to Goa. The man is out of danger.

Now media crying of a killing a single person and secularism in danger and you a India’s leading writer justifying Miguel’s rule wow and crying on tv every day on secularism wow : )

Italy are in real danger of missing out on a first World Cup since 1958 after losing to Sweden in the play-off first leg

Maybe sacrilege but have you tried swiss water decaf process, got it for my eldest, it is surprisingly good especially if you fancy a late night coffee without the danger of climbing up walls in the night Interessen for toradermusikken har gjennom tidene vært basert på lokalt engasjement, og toradermusikken har gjennom arv og bekjentskaper blitt.

Investigators are probing whether the former national security adviser and senior Turkish officials discussed abducting a U.S.-based cleric who is a rival of Erdogan.