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Referendums: Voters reject referendum requests in Maple River and Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop; Le Sueur-Henderson voters approve operating levy

Election: St. Anthony-New Brighton School Board candidates name achievement gap, hiring new superintendent as top challenges

PlayStation 4:
15 ноября 2013
28 ноября 2013 [1]
29 ноября 2013 [2]
22 февраля 2014
PlayStation 4 Slim:
16 сентября 2016 года
19 сентября 2016 года
PlayStation 4 Pro:
10 ноября 2016 года

В отличие от своей предшественницы PlayStation 3 , основанной на микропроцессорной архитектуре Cell , приставка использует гибридный процессор компании AMD на основе x86-64 пиковой производительностью 1,84 терафлопс. Входящий в комплект игровой контроллер DualShock 4 примечателен наличием встроенного тачпада. Консоль работает под управлением операционной системы Orbis , являющейся модифицированной версией FreeBSD 9.0 [6] . Приставка позиционируется компанией именно как игровое устройство, а не как домашний медиацентр [7] .

True true, others just like to be nibby when they don’t even know the real story. But he’s been stuck with my sassy ass for over a year. So when the official date comes. Best believe we are celebrating. He survived way longer than anyone expected.

Not really a prediction per say. I just wanted to say sorry you have to see this. It is the most painful NC review to date and I couldn’t imagine seeing more than 20 minutes of the film. So yeah, I’m just sorry. Best of luck.

I mean, I"m happily not looking to date anyone other than , but voting for the would be a deal-breaker

Going out on a date with my gay work side piece. He more fun than my gay work husband

She sure would date him without his money, that must be true love Amber Heard is known for dating men much more richer than her

This is more up to date. 2016. Much more than 3000.

If Taylor actually pushes back the date for us I don’t think i’ll be buying more than one copy

FOX News star and former White House press secretary Dana Perino recommends pursuing the type of work you like and no one else does in order to be successful. Het bericht Why you should always jump to take the jobs no one else wants verscheen eerst op Business Insider.

I was late for my date. A beggar asked for money and I ended giving him more than I could afford. The same thing I do in love. He wished me to have a nice day but it didn"t work out that way. In the end I got a cake I didn"t deserve and the universe seems to be back in balance.

Yeah I agree it’s not the only thing but personally I could just never date someone with such drastically different views than myself. To each their own thought, just giving my input

VSCO has launched a new feature for VSCO X subscribers called Recipes. With Recipes, subscribers are able to save their favorite edits, making it possible to apply them as a batch to future images. Up to 10 Recipes can be saved at a time via a new menu item that you tap after the image edits are chosen for the first time. Non VSCO X subscribers will be able to save only one recipe, so if you want to get into the preset making game, you'll need to pony up for the VSCO X membership ($20/year). The company explains how to use the new Recipes feature in the video below: