Topics: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

This 1 Woman's Hair Colorist May Have Saved Her Life. We have a story for you to think about the next time you consider letting your ends grow out.

Worst ever incident I"ve ever been involved in as a doctor was 10 years ago today. S"funny how it sticks in your head.

They are CRPF not army. Check you are eyes to doctor. Haaa haaa

Dril is the reason why I don"t want to go see a doctor

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DOJ scaling back program to reform police departments, Hurricane Jose may threaten Northeast next week, ESPN chief Skipper to staff: ESPN is not a political organization

Is this normal? Should I go see the doctor? Google says I"m having a miscarriage uhm

Dammit Jim, I"m a doctor, not a producer!

Seeing a dentist or doctor is the best way to rule out a more serious problem.

She didn"t give me a chance nor the first doctor in my first checkup, tried to bring up my anxiety history but I got cut off every time