Topics: What Federal Law Enforcement agencies are currently hiring as of July 2011?

Homeland Security is the third largest department, employing over 180,000 federal workers. This agency consolidated 22 agencies from various departments to unify the war on terror. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has had a significant impact on federal law enforcement jobs and many law enforcement functions were transferred to DHS.

The federal government employs law enforcement personnel in more than 40 job series (see table 11-1 for detailed information. Most agencies incorporate federal law enforcement jobs in some capacity or another. It’s important to realize that work in law enforcement is not limited to investigative, police, compliance and security positions. There are tens of thousands of federal employees working in occupations that provide direct support to these groups. Use our site to search all of the federal law enforcement careers available.

FBI agents must investigate over 200 categories of Federal laws and they conduct highly sensitive national security investigations. They often conduct surveillance, monitor authorized wiretaps, investigate white-collar crime, examine business records, or participate in undercover assignments. FBI Agents investigate a wide range of criminal activities. Numerous FBI jobs are filled to investigate organized and financial crimes, public corruption, bank robbery, kidnapping, terrorism, espionage, drug trafficking, and cybercrime.

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