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I'm Gay. - Duur: 0:03.

You didn"t find Kenya a better place doesnt mean you have to leave it how you found it.

110% agree with you. it"s up to them to realize it"s a public place and make sure their kids behave accordingly.

Even though I"m not a full-pledged ARMY, I still respect and like BTS. I feel very sorry for you guys. Stay strong and continue to them

Proof Positive It's Not Fake News


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  • Praying mantises are killing birds and devouring their brains all over the world ( Science Alert )
  • A tongue to learn from ( Moment of Science )
  • Sleeping less in old age may be adaptation to survive in the wild ( New Scientist )
  • In the deep, dark sea, corals create their own sunshine ( The New York Times )

If you want to know what a man"s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.

Thank you, we"ll have a look at him ; )

Fears, Piercings & Relationships / TMI Tag! - Duur: 11:42.

Smile, as soon as you wake up!! It will put you in a good mood entire day!!

But the "have you any wool?" line requires a musical embellishment to fit in the extra syllables.

Awesome b-day stream!! lots of new follows, donos a couple subs to boot! IDK why y"all like me so much but thank you so, so much!!