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I can"t even say that Trump is bringing us all together! He"s such a tragedy embarrassment to us. We hope pray that he is impeached SOON

Skills Required:
• Intermediate level of English
• 2+ years’ engineering experience
• C++11 knowledge
• UML knowledge
• Qt framework knowledge

• Experience in automotive
• Experience working in an Agile/Scrum environment
• Knowledge of FRANCA framework
• Experience with CommonAPI
• Knowledge and insight into ASPICE

Resource/Ammirati creates connected experiences that OPEN brands to people and people to brands. We start with a cohesive view of the customer—breaking down silos by bringing together all relevant marketing partners and disciplines. We simplify the journey, melding creativity, content and technology to create moments that matter for the many markets of one.

Создание бренда начинается с большой идеи. Мы предлагаем свой собственный уникальный подход к исследованию сегодняшних пользователей, который не только нас вдохновляет, но и трансформирует бизнес наших клиентов. Наши исследования поведения клиентов он-лайн в режиме реального времени, многопрофильное тестирование, а также возможности стратегического планирования позволяют получить более глубокую и подробную информацию, чтобы обнаружить решение, которое поможет повлиять на позицию, мотивы и поведение покупателей.

PE is about helping and bringing others together to improve and show them new possibilities

It"s not about bringing people together it"s not about the flag or the anthem. It"s about justice. Stop being simple

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Greek life is full of love, dedication, friendly competition so much diversity bringing people of every background together!

Imagine thinking Trump is bringing America together when he"s making it worse

Bringing people together

I"m all for bringing this country together, but if you think not standing for the national anthem is the way to do it you"re dead wrong. 1/2

Bringing together European African youth to discuss key issues rarely happens in EU circles - on today"s workshop

A new flock of 15 Ringo in the Scaldwell Bay bringing the total upto 28 for the day. Now also 9 Ruff together there too

The annual NES alumni reunion in New York was held on May 17, 2014. The reunion brought together alumni from different graduating classes: those who have been living in New York for many years and others who have only recently moved for work or to continue their education. During the reunion, guests discussed research in their field of study, current events and other topics, met new friends and exchanged contacts. The weather was very pleasant that evening, which brought the second half of the reunion outdoors to Highline Park.

We thank Sergey Rumyantsev (MAE'2002) for organizing this event and bringing together the NES community in New York! We also thank Konstantin Fominykh (MAE'1994) for taking photos and Olga Vilenskaya (MAE'2009) for giving us a  detailed overview of the event!

To all the brave women and men who choose to protest and take action against racism, social injustice, oppression and the evils who are trying to divide our country. I’M RIDING WITH Y’ALL✊🏾 #together #strong 📹: @ralphyramos @animalbikes #bmx

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