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Poor Wendy, she tried so hard. She’s so cute and does Yeri ever stop eating? The more I see of her the more I love her too. Thank you for the subs

Yerim the maknae being Yeri, she really can’t stop eating and we can see that the unnies really love her by spoiling her.
Irene, the leader doing all her best to control and manage their budget.
Wendy, always make sure that the members and the staff are fine, so carring as always.
Seulgi, she’s always eating and now I’m wondering, why is her body like that? she is sooo sexy.My bias
Revelup sub thank you for the effort, you guiz are the best.

Dear RevelUp Subber Team, I wanna say thank you so so so much because u (guys and gals) took on your free time to translate and subbing all the videos for us the international fans. All of you are the real MVP. We appreciate all of your hard work and let’s continue supporting our Red Velvet for a long, long time. Also, please take care of your health Team and rest sufficiently. Again, I want to say million of thanks to all of you for the quality subs. 🙂

That you equate a man pretending to grab an adult woman’s breast with a 32 year old District Attorney “dating” a 14 year child says everything about you.. You’re disgusting

My problem is dating for years on end without any talks of marriage and no engagement. Once we"re engaged the maximum years should be 2 years anything over that should be addressed hore hantlentle di intention ke eng mo

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With eng or bhs? imagine dating or go to the playground? Haha