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AnshiSaranghae Feb 12 2017 7:53 pm I really hope she'd have a drama this year where she is the main lead. She's a really great actress and she have great chemistry with other actors. I ship her with everyone. She's just so natural and she's beautiful, very down to earth person. She's my one and only bias and because of her I knew Apink. But she's still the best, she doesn't act all cute 'cause she's already real and naturally beautiful.

Nelle Jan 14 2017 3:50 am It's already 2017 :(( as much as I want her to be in a drama again, i konow that she's a part Apink and she is also a singer. Schedules might affect her health but I hope she'll be acting again

kforkpop Dec 10 2016 6:32 pm One of my absolute favorite kpop idols and celeberties and actresses.she is so down to earth and talanted and perfect. Hope to meet her soon. Hope she will have a drama where she is the main lead soon.

In-hee ends up in the radio business working for Young-jin (Lee Jung-Gil, Boys Over Flowers),. How Carbon Dating Works; Eckhart Tolle - Living Your True Purpose;

V LIVE 캐남 토라에몽의 달콤한 이벤트 12회The Suitcase Man (eng. sub + rus. sub) - Duur: 12:45.

If only Kim Jung Gi"s tutorials have eng subs. hahah

How I wish Vromance"s Vlive vids has eng subs