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Robert Downey Jr | From 1 To 52 Years Old - Duur: 5:50.

Robert Downey Jr | From 1 To 52 Years Old - Duur: 5:50.

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Cap"n Crunch at your age? I feel sorry for your feet. Enjoy em while you have em.

Remaining fur items to be auctioned as luxury brand prioritises sustainability and follows Armani’s 2016 lead Gucci will go fur-free next year and auction off all its remaining animal fur items, the Italian fashion house’s president and CEO Marco Bizzarri has announced.The changes will come into force with the brand’s spring-summer 2018 collection, Bizzarri said during a talk at the London College of Fashion. Continue reading.

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None at all! And she’s 31! She gunna age so flawlessly like if they ever have a baby it’s gunna be beautiful

Wow it says here that Malala took a bullet to the head neck for girls" education at age 15. Recovered continued from were she"d left

On a serious note I was in such a dark place at such a young age. Makes me fear for my kids future if I ever have any :/

As a lvl 20 Druid she"ll age at 1/10th that of a normal elf, she"ll live for about 7, 500 years. I"d like to think there"ll be more stories.

Chester Bennington | From 1 To 41 Years Old - Duur: 2:20.

It"s been ages. What was ur age at that time sir!