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6Rules for Dating as a Single Mom - Jennifer Maggio Christian blog and commentary on

No female goal is to be a single mom

Look for Unboxings all Nov Then Vlogmas in Dec!

I will prepare and some day my chance will come. - Abraham Lincoln

Hi Oliver, Huge favor- would you follow my sister- she"s a single working mom of five and Mayor!

I"m a single mom. Not proud. It"s so damn hard. I have anxiety every day. His father left me, has never seen him. It wasn"t my choice.

My mom is truly the best person I know. She works 2 jobs, she leaves early in the morning and doesn’t get home until night but every single day she ALWAYS calls me during her hour break to see if I’m fine and to say hi like I LOVE HER SO MUCH

My name is Michelle Cole single Mom i am new to this internet dating stuff and i am giving it my first try and i hope it will be my last try as well.

Aye, I feel bad for Luis on teen mom! Poor guy , all he does is try and all those women do is go IN on him every chance they get! That"s why y"all single !