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Lust and temptation are real whether you’re in a relationship or not. That’s why people cheat.

I’m not a professional fundraiser or development officer. Clearly, is not the end all because philanthropy is all about relationship building. Regardless, I love the awareness and momentum it adds to. :- )

dating sites for sextet drums

Exes are so fucking corny. Do all the corny lovey dovey shit after the relationship fails

I don’t seem to have the same level of desire for a romantic relationship of my own as other people. I like reading romance ( BL ) but don’t feel motivated to date anyone myself.

Like ima try the relationship shit one more time once I get my shit together

I gotta unfair love hate relationship with Beal. But he’s been awful in the 4th

Swear some girls claim they hate when someone don’t respect a relationship, but they the ones found messin w someone’s man

Okay so i need to stop sleeping a lot because apparently i missed the damn train that took everyone to find a relationship.

Watch the streamers! Watch he"s still playing most the classes. Get direct feedback. Actually seeing a dev in a chat asking a content creator to show them the bug goes miles to improving communication and relationship between players and staff AND fixing the problem.

You know what if u don’t stop with the attitude I’m gonna be done with this relationship

That’s the stupidest thing you can do. If the relationship goes sour and he turns into a fuck nigga, you will be on a Twitter porn page. Lmaoooo

Oh I have a love hate relationship with you! The models are surreal! Unbelievably gorgeous! So jealous!