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I find a way to be highly creative and highly organized all at the same time. I love discovering a new favorite book, sitting on my back porch in the mornings, mountain views, and random science facts! I married my high school sweetheart after dating for nearly a decade and I love meeting people who know how to make me laugh, like my husband who can crack me up by just looking at me.

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At this point i think hes just trying to get Paige fired. Smh

Now her brothers talking about he abuses her

Would you stay if she promised you heaven, would you even try?

So yay you can see the red

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I"m just over people. Like grow the fuck uo

free dating websites for single mothers

Tag team match tonight

I miss everything what happened

Ahh okay so here it is all the process I absolutely love it so much lighter and the color ahhh 1/2

There’s a chance of that, but a lot depends on if storms can keep going after sunset. They are slow movers and may fizzle before they arrive

I"m sorry but when your champion is accused with proof of being a abuser something needs to change

Omg smh. Im done with them both.

I sent you a trade for a few of your dupes of Charlotte