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Erbil ( Central Kurdish : ھەولێر Hawler ‎, Syriac : ܐܪܒܝܠ Arbel ‎, Arabic : أربيل Arbīl ‎‎, also spelt as Arbil or Irbil ), is the capital city of Erbil Governorate in Iraq. It is located approximately 350 kilometres (220 miles) north of Baghdad. Its governorate has a permanent population of approximately 1.61 million as of 2011 [update] . [2]

Human settlement at Erbil can be dated back to possibly 5000 BC, and it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited areas in the world. [3] At the heart of the city is the ancient Citadel of Arbil. The earliest historical reference to the region dates to the Ur III dynasty of Sumer , when king Shulgi mentioned the city of Urbilum , the ancient Assyrian name of modern-day Arbil. [4] [5]

Erbil's archaeological museum houses a large collection of pre- Islamic artefacts (particularly Sumerian and Assyrian) and is a centre for archaeological projects in the area. [7] The city was designated as Arab Tourism Capital 2014 by the Arab Council of Tourism. [8] [9] In July 2014, Erbil Citadel was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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