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Those who were born into "Generation Y" have an over-inflated sense of entitlement lack the work ethic to achieve their goals.

Researchers believe that the problem stems from being constantly told from birth they are special and as a result now believe it - and will ignore anybody who says otherwise.

But far from making them happy their approach to life leads to higher levels of depression and "chronic diasppointment" as unjustified levels of self-esteem masks the ugly reality.

I endorsed Luther Strange in the Alabama Primary because I did not want that perv in Washington. Only one perv in Washington at a time. Nothing wrong with dating young pure girls. Had to go to Europe to find mine, now much too old. Scheumer and Pelosi screwing up my plans to rule

Thanksgiving living room talk. An Aunt told me I shouldn’t be dating to marry because I’m too young. Instead, I should be having fun.

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We will always have to deal with the young immature fans as well as the crazies when it comes to the members dating, but seeing things like this still makes me happy and proud. I hope anyone that calls themselves an ARMY will always put BTS" happiness first.

Fellas we are dating financially stable women in 2018. Stay encouraged young kings.

I"m not immoral for dating teenage girls as young as 14, it"s the "media" that"s immoral for exposing it!