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This guy has gone from taking a chair in the face from Nazis to shilling for Trump.

TJ"s a weird guy. Also, does he really seem like he times his jokes when they are appropriate? Really? Do you think he"d say Well because CK had all this flung at him, I can"t make x type of joke in x days.

Clare Drake is being inducted into the , which is located in Toronto. Very fitting for a guy with the name Drake to be inducted in the 6ix.

My mother threw a bucket of cold water on the guy who would creep around the back of our store and expose himself.

So we put the guy in the back of the D in charge of stopping the QB and spent if that guy misses it"s a TD, great idea DCBD

In the guy"s statement George keeps saying "I want to help you" and the best medical technique is to get those pants off STAT

Kaden is the ONLY reason my college Econ class didn’t end with complete failure. He helped me during almost every online quiz. While he was a senior in high school. Like what a stand up guy!! Literally couldn’t have done it without him.

Your guy in coverage had stopped running. TURN THE FUCK AROUND!!!